Wednesday, September 20, 2006

It's a Rupert Brooke Day!
Pictures and the poems of Rupert Brooke's they each remind me of -
Okay, I'm putting this up without permission. They won't mind since they look so nice anyway. This reminds me of 'Thoughts on the Shape of the Human Body'
'No perfection grows
’Twixt leg, and arm, elbow, and ear, and nose,
And joint, and socket; but unsatisfied
Sprawling desires, shapeless, perverse, denied.
Finger with finger wreathes; we love, and gape,
Fantastic shape to mazed fantastic shape,
Straggling, irregular, perplexed, embossed,
Grotesquely twined, extravagantly lost
By crescive paths and strange protuberant ways
From sanity and from wholeness and from grace.'

This next one's of Brooke's poem 'On the Death of Smet-Smet, the Hippopotamus-Goddess.'
A friend made this picture of me.
There's something extremely sordid and vulgar-looking about it...I guess it's all the red. Reminds me of red-light districts. 'SHE was wrinkled and huge and hideous, She was our Mother.
She was lustful and lewd—but a God; we had none other.
In the day She was hidden and dumb, but at nightfall moaned in the shade;
We shuddered and gave Her Her will in the darkness; we were afraid.'


Blogger virgochhas said...

beautiful poems and dat pic of you is usual...

no comments on the sleeping beauties :P

12:07 PM  
Blogger Sundancer said...

I really love the sleeping beauties pic - any idea who they are Virg? :D

1:20 PM  

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