Saturday, July 22, 2006

For Joe
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Sometimes I feel a wave
Of a past break in my mind
And I know it's gone for good
And it makes me want to cry
Is this all we get to keep
As the years go rollin' by
Just a memory
For all the days gone by?

Oh you're always in my heart
And you're often on my mind
I will never let it die
Just as long as I'm alive
Sometimes it makes me sad
That we never said goodbye
Oh I guess it never hurts
To hurt sometimes.

You try and hold on to the moment
But time won't let you stay
But for every step you take
You lose something on the way
You can't look forward to tomorrow
And still hold on to yesterday
Oh I hope that you can hear me
When I'm saying

Oh you're always in my heart...

-The Oakridge Boys

Friday, July 21, 2006

Somebody called me 'Jeronimo' today. So I thought I'd remember the day by posting a picture of the real, true Geronimo here. A hero!

My Google Family

Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Few Questions

Why do I feel like You hear these prayers of mine
When so many oughta be ahead of me in line?
When You look down on me,
Can You see the good through all the bad?
These are just a few questions I have.

I wasn't there the day You filled up the oceans
I didn't get to see You hang the stars in the sky
So I don't mean to second guess You,
Or criticise what I don't understand
These are just a few questions I have.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Everyone's high and happy, it's your turn at the Karaoke. One advice - you DON'T want to pick that corny song and spoil everyone's fun and lull them all to sleep!

An old picture from last Christmas in Delhi

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Rami leh Akshay Delhi - Hyderabad introduction

Rami, meet Bennet, previously known to you as Morpheus

Biteii tan Akshay leh Jeet. Hei chu duh angin shoot thra hman lo a, nakinah a thar kan rawn dah ang.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Mandar doing a rendition of a Metallica song...

Akshay & Me, Bottles & Chimneys

Now what was that the Ninja said about Karaoke..
"Now Karaoke revolution!
I think we all know what's wrong with this soft-core por-aoke, lame-aoke, I-Really-Don't-Care-aoke!
Points?? That's it??? That's the punishment for singing badly? With points?
When in history has that been a punishment?
Even American Idol is worse than a point system to me, that's public humiliation!
How about up in the stage like maybe if you sing the wrong note, a bunch of poison darts shoot out of the microphone into your face?
You'll be like "Oow, jezz, aargh ooww..I guess that wasn't a B flat!"
That's what I call Kill-aoke!
...You're gonna find yourself with more poison in your face than a private concert in Bret Michael's basement!"

Kaala Chasma!
My time to do a rendition - of Akshay's favorite obsession - Surds!
Picasa saturation hi sam rawng test nan thra dawn riauin ka hria..
Khu vaipa khu an lam nasa em em khawp a zankhua khan. Thla lak lai tak hian tlemin a lo insawi lo ve deuh hlauh a.
Anand! Meng sexy chuai chuai ania! :-)
Adarsh & Anand. Chhas pahnih.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Ka piancham ni kha
Tlangval chhe lo ber pahnih nen -
Mazualtea leh a hope tu!
Nula Sailopari aka Sunshine. Vacancy a la awm e!
Akshay-a chhas!

Carmen & bialpa Nau-a
Kawmchhak nula kuhva ei chunga nui lai..
Kawmthlang tlangval hairep nen a TV en lai muhil
Salvation Army biakin bul ah Sarah & a thiannu an leng.
Khuangbengi is Back! Biteii!
Cute dun nia - Michael and Hmingi fapa!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Like my new T-shirt? :-)

Taj's Ahalas - Mary's birthday party. My latest craze - bright red nail polish, the ones that make your hands look like your fingertips are bleeding! A K.S an tia mahse ka lawm rih tlat, a K.S chu keipawh ka ti ve deuh tho na in.. :-)
Vur tla a ang lutuk a, he plant hi. Tlak loh hmel e - in the middle of June!

Jezebeli LOL!

England nge Argentina?? Chaltlang tlangval lar Chhama.

Now that's what I call FOREhead! Chhama chaldar!
Chaltlang nula ho! Heh!

My favorite little guy trying very hard not to cry seeing me off at the airport.

With my little guy & sister Carmen...

The night before...

Filming myself. A video ka rawn tichhuak ang nakinah..:-)
With Kym

Chhams nen World Cup kan en lai ..

Daud & me.Hyderabad a ka World Cup en pui partner ve ber.

Peka. He's going to break a lot of hearts!